CrimsonChaos - Seer of Space
Your name is Cullen. What other name would you give yourself anyway? You were given life 25 years ago, but boy did TWILIGHT ruin your name despite you coming first... You have so many interests. Like WHOA! You enjoy Homestuck, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Doctor Who, and so many other things. Your fondness for SCOTT PILGRIM is through the roof, yo! You love video games. A LOT. Your hobbies include DRAWING COMICS, MAKING FAN MUSIC, and occasionally attempting VOICE ACTING. None of which you're particularly awesome at, but you do okay you'd like to think. You run a pretty decent RP blog for the character COLRESS from Pokemon. Also, man do you love anime. Especially those involving GIANT ROBOTS and SAMURAIS, as well as NINJAS. Your chumhandle is crimsonChaos, and you are the SEER OF SPACE. What will you do?
Did you plan this, Nebula…?

Did you plan this, Nebula…?

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